How could we have a site about wire fox terriers without a page dedicated to our very own pup, Watson? He’s our own little sidekick – a real joy to have around, and full of energy. Below you’ll find a few progressive pics of when Watson was growing up, so you can see how he looked at different stages…


This was one of the pics his breeder sent us. At first I wondered… “Does he have an abnormally large head?” Nope. That’s just how they are!



Luckily as puppies they like to sleep a lot. Unfortunately, that wears off fairly quickly 🙂



Watson also likes to snuggle up to a soft toy once in awhile. There is only one of them that still lives to this day (and it isn’t this shark).



Here he is a little older, definitely still a puppy, but coming out of the adolescent look. You can also see how the black on his head is turning orange.



And here’s what he looks like today, all grown up!

Thanks for visiting and saying hi!